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Oshkosh, WI Toby Kamark, Jeff Wanke, and Jeff Gentz, co-owners of Orion Sport Aircraft, LLC, which operates in conjunction with Orion Flight Services, an FBO, have signed an agreement to act as dealers for REMOS Aircraft. The new sport planes will be sold and serviced through Orion Sport Aircraft, which is headquartered in Oshkosh. The FBO, which has established a strong presence at Wittman Field, has a thriving, expanding business plan.

Founded in 1997 in Sturgeon Bay, WI, Orion Flight Services began operations with flight training and rentals. As the program grew, they added charter and aircraft management services, which now includes significant jet operations. With the addition of large facilities in Oshkosh, the highly successful FBO has entered a new, ambitious phase in development and marketing.

We watched the emergence of the Light Sport Aircraft concept closely, said Toby Kamark, and we recognized that there is tremendous potential for this type of entry level flying. After looking closely at the various sport aircraft models available, we decided that the REMOS Aircraft embodied the best features for ownership, training and rental activity. Being located at the hub of the sport aviation world, we anticipate a brisk business in REMOS sales.

REMOS Aircraft were designed and are manufactured in Germany. They incorporate composite construction, utilizing carbon fiber extensively, and have met with an enthusiastic response in the United States. The two-place, high wing, stylishly contoured airframe is noted for its comfort, agility and responsiveness.

Orion Sport Aircraft is one of a half-dozen sites selected for sales and service of REMOS Aircraft. For more information visit www.orionflightservices.com. Orion can also be reached at 1-866-FLY-ORION.



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